Our Mission

Our mission is to change the world for hurting and forgotten children by giving them hope in the love of Jesus Christ.

We do this by taking humanitarian and spiritual aid into the hard places where war, natural disasters and disease epidemics have devastated societies. These children in hard places know horrors most of our children have never even heard of. Food, shelter, medicine and education are not enough to heal their emotions. Many have been sexually abused or beaten. They need hope. Hope’s name is Jesus! Our work currently focuses heavily on Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, and efforts are also underway in Vietnam and the Philippines.

It takes a comprehensive approach to caring for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), and we do this by treating the whole child. Most of this is done for the children through our network of CarePoints. And a CarePoint is a what its name implies: a point of care. It can be set up with as little investment as a tent and some pots and bowls. When it is matured, in its most effective state, it is a central point for carrying out the many care-giving and developmental programs that Children’s Cup has proven that make a difference in a child’s life forever.

Most have heard of “the cycle of poverty” – the downward spiral of self-perpetuating poverty that is destroying so many lives in Africa and other hard places in the world. Our strategy is a different kind of cycle. It starts with rescuing children who are in desperate situations – whether orphan-headed households, abject poverty, hunger, extreme vulnerability and abuse or other heart-wrenching hopelessness.

Through a network of CarePoints the children are able to find hope. A CarePoint is simply what its name says – a point of care. They are places where we feed the children, give them medical care, provide education for them. Bible clubs, kids camps, outreach opportunities… all part of what goes on through our network of Children’s Cup CarePoints.


When a child comes to a CarePoint, he learns that he no longer has to face life alone. No more fending for himself in the desperate world they’re surrounded by. Instead, children find that there is hope, and that Hope’s name is Jesus. When they come looking for a meal or for medical care, we are not only there to meet those needs, but to give them what they’re really searching for: love. And not just any love, but the love that Jesus gives that has the power to totally transform their lives. (Click here to read some of the stories of this very thing happening.)

A harsh reality is that human trafficking is sweeping through the hard places of the world. Children’s Cup honors organizations like the A21 Campaign and Cyrus International that are battling to rescue children from this unthinkable slavery. Children’s Cup is engaged in this fight as well, working at it from a prevention standpoint. Each child that finds hope and love at a CarePoint and no longer has to fend for herself – that is one less child that will fall victim to human traffickers’ snares.


We believe that it is God’s heart for us to go beyond simply feeding children and giving them clean water and medical care and other basic necessities to survive. We don’t want to just rescue them – we want to see them grow and thrive in the purpose God has for them. We want them to dream of doing great things with their lives. God has plans for them, and we want them to dream of fulfilling every part of those amazing plans.

Our CarePoints are a vital part of this strategy. Bible Clubs at the CarePoints are filled with teaching about morals, character development, and learning to live a life that honors God. Another part of this strategy is the local church. We have learned that there is no substitute for what a life-giving body of believers in Jesus Christ can do to help a child become what God wants him to become. (One of the most significant missions efforts a church can have is to partner with Children’s Cup to plant a new international campus in Africa. Click here for more info.)


The ultimate goal of all we do is to help people (children, young people, and adults) find forgiveness in Jesus Christ and to spend eternity in heaven with Him. Part of that means doing all we can to change the world that we are in today. The cycle of poverty and abuse and disease and hopelessness must be broken, and it is only in the truth of God’s love that it can be broken.

Children’s Cup believes in empowerment and we also believe in collaboration. Unless we empower and enable children and young people to have the desire, skills and opportunity to rise out of poverty, we only allow the problems to perpetuate. A relief and development project is most effective when it is a collaboration in which the people being helped gain a sense of being mission-critical part of the answer. It helps the community and individuals to regard the problem as theirs to solve, and progress produces great dignity and a tremendous sense of worth to the people.

We’ve seen it happen many times. A child comes to a CarePoint looking for food, and through the course of time, the child not only finds food and care, he also finds hope, and begins to dream of a future filled with hope. And as we invest in him the training he needs, he is even more inspired to see those dreams come true, he begins to see his world changing. He begins to be the change in his world.


Thank you for doing all you can to help us through giving, praying, and getting engaged with the need.

"We have seen first hand the love that's given, the hope that's inspired and the strength of character that's forged in these young lives because of the investment that Children's Cup makes into their physical and spiritual needs." | Pastor of Fellowship of Purpose, Houston TX BYRON MURRAY