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Children's Cup Sponsorship: Moises' Story

Children's Cup Sponsorship: Moises' Story

Today, we introduce you to Moises, a 16-year-old who attends our Los Pinos CarePoint in Honduras. Please take a moment to read this young man’s story and discover the impact we're making, together, in Latin America.

Since being abandoned by his father, Moises lives with his mother and his brothers in one of the most dangerous sectors of Los Pinos, that is dominated by gangs.

His mother is in poor health and cannot work to provide for her family. Moises became the man of the house and had to begin working to provide for his family at a young age. He did all that he could in order to afford school fees for his siblings and medication for his mother.

Moises collected bottles and cans to sell for recycling and washed taxis and busses for income. However, what he made wasn’t enough for the needs of his family.

 Although Moises’ heart was in the right place with a desire to provide for his family he got involved running errands for the gangs within his community in order to earn money. He started working as a “flag” by alerting them when police were nearby so they could escape. 

Moises was finally able to provide for his family with the money the gangs were paying him. As a flag, Moises was not yet considered a gang member, but it did not take long for the gang members to take further interest in him. Moises was pulled off his post of a flag and began shadowing members and learning how to kill “the right way.” Moises knew that what he was seeing wasn’t right. He also knew the rule was once you become a gang member the only way out was through death followed by the death of your family. He believed that there was no turning back. 

Moises asked the gang members to have a day off work and they granted his request. We praise God for what happened next: A friend invited Moises to come to the CarePoint with him on his day off.

Moises explained that when he entered the CarePoint he felt a calming presence and a new calling on his life. He saw a new type of joy in other children and he wanted that joy for himself. He stayed later that day and told the facilitators about his fear and how he wanted to walk away from his gang involvement.

Moises accepted Jesus into his heart and declared that his purpose was to serve the Lord which meant that he needed a new lifestyle. He announced he was done with his old life and he was going to trust God to provide for and protect his family.

The CarePoint has changed Moises’ life because it introduced him to Jesus and saved him from a life of violence. After leaving the gang, Moises was unsure if he had made the best decision since he could no longer afford his mother's medication. 

One of the CarePoint facilitators began training Moises in architecture and bringing him to work with him to be his paid assistant. Because of this, Moises has learned how much he enjoys architecture and is proud of the money that he earns because he earns it in a way that is helpful and respectable in God’s eyes.

Moises is now a friendly, loving, smart, and very attentive young man. He cares for all of the children and for his family. He is devoted to God and living his life in a respectable way. He wants to become an architect and follow in the footsteps of the facilitator who is mentoring him.

Moises hopes that when he achieves his dream of being an architect, he can build a better house for his family and some of the other families whose homes are falling apart in his community.

We’re thankful to share his story of transformation and hope with you. We wholeheartedly believe that the Lord is bringing restoration and inspiration to Moises and many others just like him!

Will you prayerfully consider sowing into stories of transformation and hope like this one by sponsoring a child today?

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