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The Power of CarePoint Facilitators: Philiswa's Story

The Power of CarePoint Facilitators: Philiswa's Story

More than 12,000 children attending our CarePoints are not yet sponsored. Philiswa is one of those children.

“The CarePoint is my place of joy; I don’t ever want to leave the Thulwane CarePoint.”


Philiswa Mtsetfwa is a happy six-year-old girl who lives with her grandmother in Thulwane, Swaziland. Sadly, Philiswa's childhood has not always helped her feel as happy and hopeful as she is today.


At a very young age, Philiswa lost both of her parents to illness. This caused her and her older brother to move to a new community under the care of their aunt and uncle where she first began attending our Zombodze CarePoint.

Soon after their parents' death, Philiswa’s 14-year-old brother began sexually abusing her. As a result, she stopped speaking and would remain quiet except for when experiencing hallucinations during the day or screaming out with nightmares during the night.

Children's Cup CarePoint facilitators became worried about Philiswa's behavior and notified her aunt. While her aunt attempted to understand what was wrong, she decided to enlist the help of a neighbor to try to get Philiswa to say something, anything. Thankfully, Philiswa eventually spoke. She explained how her brother, and even his friends, raped her on multiple occasions. This is where the hallucinations and nightmares were coming from.

Because of the Children's Cup social welfare team, Philiswa was able to leave her aunt and uncle's house in Zombodze to live with her grandmother in Thulwane. Fortunately, there is a Children's Cup CarePoint there, too. Philiswa received the emotional and medical care required to begin healing from her traumatic experiences.

Philiswa is safer and happier today. In fact, since moving to Thulwane, she no longer experiences hallucinations or nightmares. She plays freely and laughs with her friends! While our team continues to monitor and counsel her, Philiswa has become a brand new little girl. She is in a safe, encouraging environment and now knows that Jesus loves her and how important she is to God.

We praise the Lord for rescuing Philiswa! And we thank you for partnering with us to reach these children in some of the hardest places around the world. The Children's Cup sponsorship program allows us expanded opportunities and influence to reach and rescue orphaned and vulnerable children like Philiswa. 

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