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About Power Tools

About Power Tools

   Jean Ohlerking-Flower
   16 November 2018

Some man caves are sports-watching TV rooms for men, furnished with at least one big easy chair, a microwave, and a well-stocked refrigerator. My husband’s man cave is his shop. He has tools of every sort. Old antique tools handed down from his grandfather (one being an old sickle his grandpa used on the farm), tools from his first job after he got out of the Navy, as well as a plethora of tools he‘s bought all his life. Against the wall, standing all tall and proud is a bright red multi-drawer tool chest filled with useful treasures of gadgets and gizmos, hammers and pliers, wrenches and screwdrivers, along with plenty of jars of nails and screws. The nearby workbench has several power outlets for plugging in the sander and the drill. His battery charger is plugged in right there, too.

Of course, he prefers to use the power tools over the old handheld ones. How much easier it is to repair the roof with a power nailer than a hammer. That electric saw is much faster and smoother than using the handsaw. The battery-powered drill is handy for anchoring a screw in just the right place. Power tools are definitely the best. 

Our spiritual power tool is the Holy Spirit. When you gave your life to Christ, you were drawn by the Holy Spirit. If Christ lives in you, then you have the power of the Holy Spirit available. How to implement that power? Pray in the Spirit. Paul said he prayed with understanding (his natural language) and in the Spirit. Praying in tongues bypasses our natural understandings and expresses to the Heavenly Father the exact need that we can’t seem to find the words for.

Also, if you have ever been so blessed by the Lord or so overcome by a beautiful sky or holding a brand new grandchild or an unexpected gift—that you had no words to express your gratefulness, the Holy Spirit knows how to praise God through you with words you cannot find to utter. As a born-again Christian, have you been happy to use arm-strong power tools, praying in your own strength like the person using the old handsaw or ancient sickle?  Ask God for power tools and plug them into the Holy Spirit receptacle, the Power source that puts new strength into your life. Ask your heavenly Father for the prayer language and watch your life change as you plug into the POWER of the Holy Spirit and use it daily in worship and in prayer.



Jean Flower

Jean Ohlerking Flower, known to many as Meemaw, is the co-founder of Children's Cup. She and her late husband, Dave Ohlerking, followed the call of God on their lives by launching Children's Cup in 1992. She shares, "Children who have grown up at the CarePoints are now becoming the teachers and caretakers and community leaders because they have learned how to forgive and love." Remarried to an incredible, God-fearing man, Jean and Alan live in beautiful, sunny Arizona. 


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