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Children Deserve Hope

Children Deserve Hope

   Dan Ohlerking
   24 Jan 2020


Children deserve Hope. That simple truth is our driving passion at Children’s Cup.

In 2019, what we experienced was nothing short of miraculous. We currently have the highest ever numbers of children sponsored and fed regularly at our sites. We have been able to install new leadership in three of our countries, and all six countries are moving forward in the right direction. We saw the launch of a new church in Eswatini, several new CarePoint facilities completed in Latin America, and a new church building completed in Eswatini. We graduated 16 young people from our Economic Empowerment program in southern Africa, and hosted hundreds of people on short-term missions teams. But the biggest win of all has been seeing Hope light up in so many kids’ lives. Seeing them begin to dream. Seeing them set out to change their worlds. I could go on and on about how many times God totally took care of Children’s Cup, and how He changed lives through the ministry we get to do together. Children deserve Hope. And in 2019, many found that Hope.

So, what are we going to do in 2020? We are going forward with giving hope, inspiring dreams, and changing worlds. We’re going to do MORE of it all.

  • We will add more sites to feed more kids.
  • We will plant more churches in our communities and work with existing churches to help them grow stronger.
  • We will prepare more high schoolers for the future through a big expansion of our Economic Empowerment program.
  • We will bring our special needs ministry “Guguletfu” to more communities and into new countries.
  • We will add new CarePoints.
  • We will build more church partnerships with those CarePoints.
  • We will create more opportunities for partners to connect with this vision of giving hope.

Thanks to you we have the privilege of seizing opportunities to bring about lasting change - not just for the children, but for their entire communities. And - I’m totally convinced - we’ll see entire nations changed because of what Hope can do.

So we invite you to keep giving, keep praying, and keep helping us give Hope.

We are praying that your life will be more enriched and fulfilled because of your engagement with Children’s Cup. By God’s grace and with your continued partnership, we will give Hope to more children. Your belief in this vision and your participation and support make all the difference for the children we serve.

There’s so much to our vision for 2020, but it’s all really pretty simple. It’s all about GIVING HOPE, INSPIRING DREAMS, and CHANGING WORLDS.

Dan Ohlerking
Children's Cup Executive Director 

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