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Daniela's Story

Daniela's Story

   Halle Erwin
   10 August 2018

All summer, Daniela spoke of her excitement to start the third grade. She shared about her love to learn and her dreams for the future. Her parents struggled to find a way to tell her that she would not be going to school this year. They couldn’t afford the cost of the required uniform and supplies. Daniela was heartbroken.

Her mother couldn't accept this for Daniela. She decided to explore alternative ways to fulfill her daughters love of learning. This is when she discovered the CarePoint where Daniela could receive educational support.

The  facilitator shares, “For a child who was so determined and motivated to study,
not being able to attend school was devastating. Her outlook on life was not positive. She felt like a burden to her parents and felt as if she’d never achieve anything.”

Daniela’s story, thankfully, doesn’t end here. Because of your generosity, she had the opportunity to go Back to School. The financial burden was lifted from her parents. The emotional burden was lifted from Daniela.

Each day when she visits the CarePoint you'll hear her asking someone “Do you know what I learned today?” Driven students like Daniela want to attend school. Although, the cost of necessary supplies becomes a great obstacle.

When asked what she’s learned since discovering the CarePoint, Daniela said, “Depend on God—I know that when we are faithful to Him, He provides.”

Will you remove this obstacle for a child today? Will the bright future of a child like Daniela be a part of your legacy? 

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