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Feliza: Finding Refuge & Strength

Feliza: Finding Refuge & Strength

   Katie Chatham
   21 August 2019


At Children’s Cup, our mission is to see “every child a whole child” by meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the children that attend our CarePoints. Feliza Salas is a seven-year-old girl whose life is being restored, one aspect at a time, through sponsorship and her involvement at our Aguascalientes CarePoint in Central Mexico.

When Feliza first began attending the CarePoint at two years of age, she was unable to move her lower body as a side effect of cerebral palsy. She was also malnourished and had extreme stomach pains that made eating very challenging. She was also unresponsive to different stimulus and interaction from people.

As her grandmother has faithfully brought her to the CarePoint, things have changed for Feliza over the last several years! She now has daily access to manna packs, which she loves to eat. Her body has responded so favorably to the nutritious meal that her stomach pains have been eliminated! She is now able to crawl and is beginning to take steps and learn to walk! She responds to different stimulus through sounds, emotions, and hugs. She is not yet able to speak, but that has not stopped her from being able to communicate.

The CarePoint has become a place of refuge and strength for Feliza. Day by day, she is being healed, restored, and is enjoying life! She knows she is important to her family at the CarePoint and is known as the “joy of the CarePoint”. 

We are so thankful for the ways Feliza’s life has been impacted by sponsorship and we look forward to seeing her progress even more!

Would you like to help more children like Felize? Click the button below to give hope and health to children around the world. 

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