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How to Write a Letter to Your Child

How to Write a Letter to Your Child

   Deena Wade
   16 May 2019

Writing to your sponsored child is an excellent way to foster the relationship you have with one another and a great way to learn about each other. There are two ways you can write your child. You can handwrite a letter and mail it to the Children’s Cup office, or you can write a letter through your Sponsorship Dashboard in your online account. It can seem like a daunting task, especially if you don’t typically write letters, but below are some tips to help you with your next letter!

If it’s your first letter, it’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself and share a little about you and your family. You can even check out this example sponsor letter for some ideas! For safety reasons, only use first names and do not give out any personal information such as your address. While the children we serve do practice writing in school, this is probably the only time they communicate through written correspondence. Because of that, it’s best to keep your letter simple, especially if your child is young. Encouragement for your child and sharing a favorite scripture are great things to include. Asking your child questions is also a great idea, but because letter writing is new to them, you may not receive answers to all your questions if there are a lot of them. You can also let your child know you’re praying for them and even include a short prayer.

While learning more about your sponsored child can be fun, there are a few things to avoid writing in your letter. If you would like to find out what your child needs, please contact our office and we will find out directly from the field staff who work with your child on a daily basis. We love when our sponsors are able to visit their child, but please don’t mention your child visiting you one day. We never want to give false hope to them. The culture is very different for your sponsored child, so please refrain from mentioning Halloween, witchcraft, or monsters or including anything that would depict those images.

A common question is “can I send my child something?” The answer is YES. We are limited on what we can physically mail due to cost and customs restrictions, but you are welcome to send flat items in a letter sized envelope such as stickers, a coloring page, or a bookmark. If you would like your child to have something bigger, you can make a gift donation through your online account.

Because your letter has a long journey ahead, it can take up to 60 days to receive a reply. It’s always so fun to see you have a letter in your mailbox from them. Now all that’s left for you to do is write!

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