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Hugo: Anxiety to Confidence

Hugo: Anxiety to Confidence

   Karla Aguirre
   28 June 2019


Every child that attends a Children’s Cup CarePoint has a unique story. Hugo, a nine-year-old boy attending our Zacatecas CarePoint in Mexico is no exception. He came to the CarePoint for the first time in the fall of 2017. While Hugo came from a clean home with water and electricity, it was an unstable situation. He and his siblings were abandoned by their father and lived in their grandparents’ home with their mother. From a young age, Hugo was exposed to alcohol abuse and domestic violence. The unsettledness in his home led to episodes of anxiety for Hugo, making it difficult for him to engage with children and adults.

Over the two years that Hugo has been attending the CarePoint, he’s experienced Hope for the first time. And it’s made an incredible impact! He has gone from a shy, timid boy to one who enjoys being with other children. The frequent anxiety attacks he used to experience are occurring less and less, and his behavior has greatly improved. His new confidence is reflected in the classroom and he’s now able to read and write!

Hugo’s CarePoint experience has given him hope for today and the future. It is a safe place for him to come each day to learn and make friends. We are thankful for each sponsor whose generosity allows every child to become a whole child. 

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