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Jenny's Story

Jenny's Story

   Halle Erwin
   15 March 2019

In many countries around the world, being a girl is a disadvantage. Girls are taught their education does not matter, their dreams are not possible, and that they are a burden to their families.

An urban ghetto and home to a huge portion of the population of Belize, many of children in Port Loyola live in poverty. Civil unrest has contributed to an increase in gang-related crimes, homicides, school dropouts, teenage pregnancy, child prostitution, and more. Little emphasis is being made to reach the children and youth on the south-side—especially girls.

In 2016, we met an eight-year-old girl named Jenny. The only girl in a family with four brothers, Jenny calls a small bungalow along a secluded area surrounded by mangrove home. She discovered the Port Loyola CarePoint when she was simply in need of food.

In the past three years, Jenny’s outlook on life and behavior toward others has improved immensely! She is in good health and achieving great grades in school. She dreams of becoming a hairdresser when she grows up because she loves making others feel their best. Best of all, she believes her dreams for a bright future can come true.

The Port Loyola CarePoint has changed her life. She says the CarePoint means the world to her because she’s never hungry, has made many new friends, and has hope for the future.

When asked what she’s learned from being at the CarePoint, she shared, “That Jesus loves me and you do, too.”

At Children’s Cup CarePoints, girls are exposed to the love and support they need to step into their God-given potential. Girls become literate, they become leaders, and they become world changers!

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