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Juan: The Miracle of Sight

Juan: The Miracle of Sight

   Alyssa Anderson
   30 July 2019


In 2017, Juan, a quiet and bright young man at Palomino CarePoint, began experiencing discomfort in his eye. His parents were encouraged to take him to a doctor, but they delayed for a few months. Eventually, Juan could not open his eyes. Finally, his parents took him to the doctor where he was prescribed eye drops for an infection, but his condition only worsened. 

After a couple of months, the Children’s Cup team in Mexico was able to get Juan an appointment at The Eye Bank. The diagnosis was overwhelming; Juan needed a cornea transplant. Both eyes were damaged, and he was about to lose sight in one.

Knowing that transplants are expensive, Juan’s family resigned themselves that Juan would lose his sight. They had no desire to take Juan to the government hospital, because they felt like there was no hope that their son would be seen by a doctor. After four months of the ‘Cup staff praying over the situation, God intervened, and Juan’s family took him to the hospital. Juan and his mom were able to meet with the director of the hospital and explain the situation. Then a miracle happened!

The director made a phone call, and that day Juan was able to see a doctor! Additionally, the hospital broke protocol and paid for travel expenses for Juan to travel to another state for a consultation for a cornea transplant. In March of 2018, he was put on a waiting list, as he had to be matched with a donor around the same age and size. Doctors said he could be waiting for up to five years, which was disappointing to hear. But, in June 2018, Juan received new sight! He was matched with a donor, and by the grace of God, all went smoothly. The caretakers and staff who had helped Juan in his journey cried with joy. God gave Juan new eyesight, and it was all in His timing. 

Juan is anxious to begin attending church again after his transplant and says that through this trial he has learned, “with God, nothing is impossible!

Would you partner with us to help more children, like Juan, receive medical care? 


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