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Leading by Serving

Leading by Serving

   Erin Jones
   27 September 2019

Billy Hornsby, co-founder of the Association of Related Churches, once said “great leaders are great servants.” We are all serving someone, therefore we are all leaders in some capacity. Leadership isn’t necessarily a box on an org chart but how you live your life. Leading is loving, learning, listening and modeling for those in your world. Whether you’re a CEO, cleaning the floors, changing diapers or attending’re a leader. Here are a few things I’ve found to be essential to keep close to my heart as I lead:

  1. Consistent self evaluation equips you with a healthy perspective about yourself and others. We must have grace for ourselves to have grace for others. We must understand how and why we communicate, respond, and relate the way we do, so we can first seek to understand others without judgement. We must love ourselves so that we can love others. We must lead ourselves well so that we can lead others.

  2. Lead from a heart of wholeness instead of hurt and brokenness. I once heard a pastor say, “speak from your scars, not your open wounds.” Our experiences, good and bad, prepare us for how we will lead, inspire and influence others. We can be intentional to heal and learn from our experiences in order to empower others, or we can use them as ammunition to protect our heart and destroy others. God allows specific things in our lives for our development, both in character and our dependency on Him. How we choose to walk through and then use those things for good is up to us. In the middle of a challenge, stay close to God and let Him guide you through. On the other side of trials, allow God to use what you’ve learned to encourage and empower those around you.

  3. Let the Holy Spirit lead you as you lead others. Never get this part confused. You’re leading AS the Holy Spirit directs. He’s in charge, you’re always following. Every meeting, every conversation, every person is different and only the Holy Spirit knows what is needed with each. Stay surrendered to the Holy Spirit and follow His lead in all things. Keep a position of thankfulness, gratitude and awe...what an honor it is to be chosen and entrusted with God’s people. It’s a privilege and should be treated as such.

Leadership isn’t daunting or scary, but it is an honor and most do it naturally without a position or executive salary to validate it. A true leader leads anywhere and everywhere without force or manipulation. Great leaders are easy to identify, not because their name badge or business cards say so but because their life says so.

“Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.”
Matthew‬ ‭7:20‬ (NIV) 


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