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Made for More

Made for More

   Erin Jones
   31 August 2018


As we read through the Bible, many were seen as average by those around them but God saw much more in them. Moses was a murderer but God saw leadership. Esther was a foreigner and an orphan but God saw royalty in her and gave her influence. We learn of Gideon who was threshing wheat in the bottom of a winepress and God calls him a “mighty hero.” David was a shepherd boy overlooked by his father and God saw him as a king.

What God sees in you is untapped potential—it’s the secret ingredients He deposited within you when He created you. His desire is to draw out this potential and that process, well it’s called life. It’s the refining, the reshaping and redirecting that happens as we work to be reconciled to our father. I’m sure you can relate that at times in your life you have felt underused, or maybe overused. Maybe you’ve felt as though life was passing you by and you were invisible. Know this, God sees you! You were created for MORE—more destiny and more purpose that you even think is possible.

Perhaps your more is only a step of obedience away. Maybe your “more” is on the other side of stepping out in faith to serve, to give, to go or to surrender. God lit a bush on fire to get Moses’ attention, He placed Esther in the King’s presence with favor, He called out to Gideon in the middle of his work and He summoned David from the fields. He will reach into whatever environment necessary and move heaven and earth to position you where He needs you to be but, we must trust Him.

As an organization, we serve children every day that doubt there is more to their life than what they can physically see in front of them. Our desire is to help them regain the hope that there is more. Once they encounter Jesus, the giver of hope, they begin to realize that where they are isn’t where they have to stay. They begin to see their future differently and we get to be a small part of their transformation from a life of hopelessness to a life full of hope

What an honor it is to help someone begin to realize that they have the potential within them to reshape their future! What is your “more” that you are believing God for? Today, as you consider the “more” that you desire to step into I pray that you will hear the Lord’s voice louder than any other. I pray that you would step out in faith trusting that the God who created the heavens and the earth walks with you wherever you go! You can trust Him because He is faithful!

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