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Nkosenhle: A Full Stomach and a Bright Future

Nkosenhle: A Full Stomach and a Bright Future

   Alyssa Anderson
   9 October 2019


Before attending the New Village CarePoint, Nkosenhle’s greatest need was food. His father abandoned him, leaving him with his mother who did not have a sustainable job. They lived in a rented, one-bedroom flat, and often struggled to get by. Many nights, Nkosenhle went to bed with an empty stomach and had trouble sleeping. Because all he could think about was the hunger in his belly, this little boy had no desire to play with other children. 

Those circumstances changed when Nkosenhle was introduced to the CarePoint! When he showed up, sores covered his body from malnutrition. Thanks to the Feed My Starving Children manna packs served at the CarePoint, he began to gain strength. His demeanor changed, and he began making friends and playing with other children. The sores on his body began to heal, as his health improved. Now, he sleeps peacefully at home with a full stomach. 

Not only did Nkosenhle receive food and water, he also began attending the CarePoint preschool program. He is now a bright, little five-year-old who can write his name and recite the alphabet! His friendly personality has begun to shine, as he plays with his friends. His desire is to become a pastor one day! Because of generous hearts, thousands of children just like Nkosenhle are able to go home with a full stomach and dream about their futures. Thank you for changing the lives of these little ones! 

Alyssa Anderson has been a part of the Children’s Cup team since 2013. One of her favorite assignments was helping create the Economic Empowerment program in Eswatini, which empowers teenagers at the ‘Cup CarePoints to become leaders in their community. Alyssa and her husband, Dustin, live in Texas, but enjoy any time they get to spend on the field.

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