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Preparation Before Provision

Preparation Before Provision

   Matt King
   10 August 2018

We all long for provision for something or for someone. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom providing for your children, or an exhausted dad returning home from work to kids who simply want his attention. Maybe your spouse is going through a difficult situation that you can’t relate to or you’re a single parent that can’t seem to juggle all of life’s demands.

Has your position at work required you to complete a project that you lack the skills and knowledge to start? Maybe your small group at church is looking to you for encouragement and leadership. The creative team is looking to you for the next design piece. Possibly a friend or family member is walking through loss. How can one show provision for one of these difficult situations? Realistically, how can we show provision in a combination of the above or better yet, when those unexpected circumstances arise?

I’ve learned that preparing for a difficult situation is not a one-time event and you don’t always have the time or opportunity to prepare. Being prepared is actually a lifestyle. It’s a life that is always filled to the point of overflow. The overflow is not an excess to be stored for future use but the opportunity to provide for a present need. Living in the overflow is not our natural state but it takes intentionality and discipline to be consistently praying and reading God’s Word. I believe spending time with God in the morning sets you up for success (Psalm 5:3, 57:8, 59:16; Mark 1:35). You’re able to proactively speak life over your day compared to praying as a reaction, or last resort. 

The ability to see provision in your life comes from the position of being filled so much of God’s Spirit and Word that it overflows in all areas. You can’t help but to have peace when it makes no sense. You can’t help but to show love and kindness even when you’ve been wronged. You’re patient even past the point of your ability and you’re faithful when the costs begin to be too much (Eph 5:22-23). You’re able to comfort those in need and share the Gospel in a difficult circumstance (John 14:26). Your ability to provide doesn’t come from preparing for a specific outcome, it comes by your ability to lean on God and His understanding and allowing His Spirit to work through you.

Have you prepared well? Do you spend time with Him every day? Do you know His Word? Are you so desperate to be with Him because you know you will fail without Him? Can you say that He is the center of your world? If not, start today. Begin now by spending time in His word, by praising Him for His goodness and faithfulness. Will you be prepared?

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