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Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

   Ashley Carter
   9 September 2019


When you think of the word “Leader”, what comes to mind? Some would say a Leader is someone who gives direction. Some would probably say a Leader is someone in authority who provides supervision. When I think of the word “Leader”, I think of the word “Servant”. A Servant Leader’s top priority is making sure the highest needs of others are being met. One of the greatest examples of this type of leadership is Jesus. 

Jesus was the ultimate Servant Leader. He aimed to serve others, didn’t promote himself, and didn’t seek service for Himself. It’s such an incredible calling as followers of Christ to have been given the opportunity to be His hands and feet and learn to serve others the way He did. After all, isn’t that the goal in life? For others to see Him when they see you?

Here are a few ways we can model the ultimate example of Jesus as a Servant Leader:

Encourage Growth & Empowerment

Servant Leaders care about the development and progress of others. They value the person for who they are. They encourage people with appreciation and acknowledgement of their personal gifts and talents, and also highlight how those gifts and talents can be used and developed.

Listen to Serve

Servant leaders listen to the voices of others closely. They are able to perceive the needs of others and create space where someone can freely speak and be heard. Listening shows we truly care about what others have to say and we value their thoughts and opinions.

Empathy is Key

Servant Leaders are able to see another’s perspective with deep understanding. They recognize and appreciate the different characteristics and emotions of each person. Great Servant Leaders listen with an open heart and show others they are cared for and appreciated.

Anyone can be a Leader – the key is to first be the Servant.

28 just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” -Matthew 20:25-28

Ashley Carter resides in the great state of Texas with her husband Micah and their six children. She has been with our Sponsorship team since 2018 and works as a Donor Relations Representative. She has a huge heart for children and loves getting to see the way they grow in Christ!

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