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Sibongumusa's Story

Sibongumusa's Story

   Halle Erwin
   12 April 2019


Makholweni is located in the busiest township of eSwatini’s largest city, Manzini. Most of the children in this community live in single-headed households in rented flats. As their caregivers have piece jobs or contract jobs in the shops of Manzini, they often move around from one place to the next. The greatest disadvantage of living in this area is that families cannot grow crops for a living because the houses are built too closely to each other.

Among the children who call Makholweni home is Sibongumusa. He’s 18 years old and is a student of the Economic Empowerment program at the Makholweni CarePoint. He’s participated in the program since it’s conception six years ago with the Skills Training component.

Sibongumusa is described as warm and down to earth. He has a reverential respect for his elders and an innocence that is endearing. He aspires to become a mechanical engineer—a dream since childhood.

The CarePoint has afforded him with the priceless opportunity of interacting with youth from different walks of life thus helping him to change his overall perspective on life in general, as well.

It was through the Skills Training Program at the Makholweni CarePoint that he was awarded a scholarship. This helped him pay for his junior high school as well as his senior high school education from Form 1 all the way through Form 5.

In addition to that, he views the CarePoint as a place of solace. It has provided him with a serene ambience in which he could study as well as carry out any outstanding school work with minimum distractions. This is a fact that reflects in his remarkable Form 5 final results, where he scored a 93% pass mark in mathematics.

Prior to his participation in the Economic Empowerment program, he battled with a lot of self doubt, timidity, procrastination, and lack of self-discipline. Whenever he would be called upon to lead at school, he would often shy away from taking center stage and opt that someone else lead instead.

But, eventually, with each of the lessons taught in the Economic Empowerment program a new resolve to strive tenaciously for overall excellence was found. This has resulted in him seeing remarkably positive changes in his overall character and demeanor—he was even elected as the captain of his school’s senior A Level volleyball team last year.

Sibongumusa says that attending CarePoint activities has taught him that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of all people, regardless of where they come from. In addition to this, those who accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior are granted sonship as well as the spirit of adoption. Sibongumusa said, "I am always one decision away from a totally different life!”

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