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Solanie: A Nourished Spirit

Solanie: A Nourished Spirit

   Alyssa Anderson
   12 November 2019


Our CarePoints serve not only as a safe place for children to receive food, but also nourish their spirits. 

Solanie began attending the Marcos Canul CarePoint in November of last year. She lives in a small house in Belize with eight other family members. Her mother stays at home to take care of the house, which is owned by Solanie’s grandmother. When first meeting Solanie, the thing one notices is she has a quiet demeanor, but also displays a respectful and honoring spirit towards others.

While attending the CarePoint, she has grown in her relationship with the Lord and has taken great interest in memorizing Bible verses. Not only has she learned how to show the love of Christ to others, but also strongly believes she can do all things with His strength. Her confidence is now found in Jesus.

Since attending the CarePoint, Solanie has become more dedicated to attending her local church and listening to the Word being preached. In her quiet confidence, she trusts in God for her future. One day, Solanie would like to impact others in her community by becoming a lawyer. 

Because of the encouragement she receives through the CarePoint and her sponsor, Solanie continues to grow spiritually. Thank you for making stories like hers happen everyday through sponsorship!

Alyssa Anderson has been a part of the Children’s Cup team since 2013. One of her favorite assignments was helping create the Economic Empowerment program in Eswatini, which empowers teenagers at the ‘Cup CarePoints to become leaders in their community. Alyssa and her husband, Dustin, live in Texas, but enjoy any time they get to spend on the field.

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