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The House FM in Honduras

The House FM in Honduras

   Halle Erwin
   15 March 2019

In the video below, Kevin from the Wake Up morning show on The House FM shares about what he found when visiting the capital city of Honduras, Tegucigalpa. He says, “It is basically a city behind bars—so much violence in this city. Everybody who can afford a decent house has bars behind their windows…”

He goes on to share how he witnessed some of the poorest children living in the most heartbreaking environments. When visiting the Los Pinos CarePoint, Kevin talks about how loving and warm the children were. He says, “The kids just surrounded us—they wouldn’t let us go… It was such a welcome.”

The personal story he learned of a young girl who was orphaned due to gang violence—emphasizing the importance of the family each ‘Cup CarePoint provides for children in the community—is one that's inspiring us to work harder and reach further day after day.

With your pledge of $40 or more, a donation is made to fund what happens through ‘Cup in the beautiful country of Honduras! Click here to give: 
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