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The Lasting Impact of the Local Church

The Lasting Impact of the Local Church

   Halle Erwin
   15 February 2019


Children’s Cup exists to come alongside churches in carrying out a responsibility we share—to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to make disciples. Igniting passion and transformation within local churches and churches on the mission field inspires personal, meaningful relationships. This directly correlates to concurrent growth!

Home to 700 people, Cebadilla is among the many communities connected to a stateside body of Christ—Calvary Community Church. While labor activity in Cebadilla is primarily agriculture, growing coffee, corn, and beans, sources of labor are still very scarce. Wages are low and cause many farmers to migrate for work. In many cases, one parent will leave in search of a better future for them, causing family disintegration.

Malnutrition, lack of education, and gang violence are also community-wide issues for the children and families of Cebadilla. In terms of education, this village has access only to kindergarten and primary school. Many of the children are expected to work in the fields after finishing the 6th grade.

When visiting the community of Cebadilla, Pastor Bob Johnson of Calvary Community Church found himself at the home of the Lagos family. He was so moved by the difficult living conditions at the Lagos family home that he knew he had to do something to help. With two children eligible to begin attending the Children’s Cup CarePoint, Pastor Bob decided to make a commitment to start investing in their lives through a monthly $39 sponsorship.

Overwhelmed with emotions, he snapped a picture to quickly share with his wife—that’s when he noticed a significant difference in the facial expressions of one of his newly sponsored children. He couldn’t help himself from inquiring to find out why. The truth he learned soon after was heartbreaking. The child was clearly confused about what was happening. "Is he not familiar with the child sponsorship program?" Pastor Bob asked. The young boy stopped smiling because he believed he was being sold to the gangs or drug cartels.

The lasting impact of the church can start with one person, one moment, one encounter—and it ultimately happens when the local church establishes a personal connection to missions. Collectively, the church is where hope is born.




Halle Erwin

Halle wears many communication hats at Children's Cup and loves every single one of them! From Arkansas and living in Manhattan, she's often asked, "You're not from here are you?" You can also often catch her saying "Halle... Like Hallelujah!"

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