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The Power of Letter Writing

The Power of Letter Writing

The relationship you build with your sponsored child is incredibly impactful. That's why we love to encourage you to connect with your child through letters and photos. Take a moment today to be inspired by some of our favorite sponsor and sponsored child moments.

One child writes:

A sponsor shares:

"The day I picked your name was a very special day. I was sitting in church, and Ben got up and talked to us about the Children's Cup. As he was telling us about all of the children needing our help, I sat there wondering how I could afford to help. I heard God tell me to do it. Take the leap of faith. I went to to the table with all of the pictures of the children. My hands were shaking. I sat there and looked until you spoke to me. Your smile was just for me; and when I read your story, I realized you and my little girl had a lot in common. She also is shy and likes to play dolls. God chose you for me. I can't wait to hear all your stories as you grow and to see all the pictures you draw for us."

Many children and sponsors are connected during World Changer Sunday sponsorship events hosted by partnering churches. Someone from the church or with Children's Cup often shares about their involvement in seeing Every Child a Whole Child and then directs others to choose a sponsored child at the 'Cup booth where child packets (including the child's photo and story) are displayed.

We recently asked questions about your letter writing questions on social media:

Q: “If they are little like 4 and 5, who reads them to them and then do they help them write back?”

A: This is a great question! Whether there is a language barrier or the child is simply too young to read/respond on their own, our CarePoint facilitators are there to assist your child with reading and writing their letters. This ensures a solid connection between sponsor and child.

Q: “Can we send little trinkets such as stickers, paper dolls, etc.?”

A: Yes! Due to shipping costs, we ask that sponsors send flat gifts in envelopes no larger than a No. 10 Business Letter Envelope (9½” x 4⅛”). Gift ideas for this size include stickers, bookmarks, postcards, and coloring sheets. Since all mailings are processed through our U.S. office, please mail gifts for your sponsored child to P.O. Box 1930 Keller, TX 76244.

Q: “Where do I send handwritten letters and emails? Will I receive information with those addresses?”

A: All mailings are processed through our U.S. office located near Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Please send handwritten letters to P.O. Box 1930 Keller, TX 76244, and submit online letters through your user account at New sponsors: Please watch your inbox for some helpful emails that answer questions and bring clarity as you begin this exciting relationship. 

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