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Thobekile's Story

Thobekile's Story

   Thuli Kaledi
   15 February 2019


Thobeka, short for Thobekile, means humility. Always nurturing others, this sweet girl is often found helping wash the dishes after mealtime at the Moneni CarePoint. She enjoys playing with her dolls that she’s made from scraps of cloth and other materials, too.

Now seven years old, we’ve known Thobeka since she was only two. Her favorite meal is chicken, which is a rare and expensive treat. Most often, she eats pap, a dish native to her country. In a home made of wood and tin, she is an only child to her parents. Located on the outskirts of the bustling city of Manzini, unemployment is high in Moneni. Those who are working do so by selling firewood or other merchandise on the streets. Affected by AIDS, this community is home to many orphaned and vulnerable children.

For the past two years, Thobeka’s sponsor has had a front-row seat to watch her grow into the world changer God intended her to be. Thobeka’s sponsor has made an immeasurable impact in her life! With blessings in the form of clothes, school uniforms, and Christmas gifts, her parents are especially grateful for the grocery gifts.

As they write back and forth, a great bond has formed between Thobeka and her sponsor. Writing letters almost every month, her handwriting has improved, too. Thobeka says the praises from her sponsor about her penmanship makes her long for more letters to write! Their communication is continuous. From shared bible verses to stickers attached to the letters, Thobeka cherishes them all the same.

There are still ten children at the Moneni CarePoint waiting to build a relationship like the one Thobeka has with her sponsor. Will you choose a child today?


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