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When God Interrupts Your Day

When God Interrupts Your Day

   Kim Tucker
   9 November 2018


We often go through our days with full schedules, meetings, lunch dates, school pickups, sports practice, and grocery shopping.

When was the last time you prayed or asked God to interrupt your day? When was the last time you asked God to open your eyes in a new way or to see something different?

He is always working, always touching the lives of all of us as we move through our day. The story you are about to read is a story that brings tears to my eyes each time I tell it. It is a story that forever changed the way I go about my days. It is a story about how when we leave margin for God to interrupt our day, he just might do so in a way that you never would have imagined.

What started out as a normal day turned into an afternoon that saved a life. Prior to hosting a team we go and do pre-home visits to meet the family and see the home that we will be bringing a team to visit and bless. This particular day one of our CarePoint coaches and I decided last minute to go and do two of the pre-visits. The coach reached out to the facilitator and arranged to visit the homes later that afternoon.

The coach and I headed to the CarePoint and met up with the teacher before heading off in the direction of the first home. As we walked along the footpath I noticed a Make (mom) sitting with a baby girl (maybe 15-18 months old.) It is not uncommon to encounter people on the footpath, however, not super common to encounter people sitting. As we approached, we noticed the baby whimpering. The closer we got, the more we were able to see—The sweet face of a little girl who was visibly miserable and appeared quite sick. Although after a brief greeting, we went about our way.

As we walked away my heart started racing and I started praying and asking God what to do. Do we turn around, do we call for help, do we get involved, what do we do? I had an intense conversation with God as we walked and asked Him that if we were to intervene he needed to make it clear to the three of us the next steps we should take.

We went to the home visit and the entire time my mind was on that little girl. While I do not have extensive medical training, I knew enough to know that that sweet baby was not in good shape. We set out to head back to the CarePoint and I prayed that God would make it clear what do to next. We got back onto the path, within eyesight of the CarePoint, and there were the mom and baby. Although, now, she had the baby on her back and was walking. I told the facilitator and coach we needed to stop and that I needed their help to translate for me. We asked how long had the baby been sick. "For almost two weeks," the mom said. I asked if I could look at her and touch her forehead—the poor baby was burning up with fever, very lethargic, eyes rolling back, and her breathing was shallow and very wheezy.

We got the mom squared away with funds to get to the hospital and to get something for the baby to eat. The coach and facilitator got the mom's contact information to follow up and see how they were doing. As we finished walking back to the CarePoint we were overcome with emotion. For the next almost two weeks the coach tried day after day to reach the mom with no success. She enlisted the help of the BoMake (cooking mothers) at the CarePoint to see if we could find out what happened.

The day before the team arrived I reached out to the coach to make sure all the details were ironed out for the team and she excitedly exclaimed: “sisi I have some news.” I asked her if she had gotten ahold of the mom and she said: “I got some feedback, the BoMake found her!” Before she told me what the feedback was, tears began streaming down my face. A prayer had been answered, we finally found her. I was not prepared for what my ears would hear next. The coach proceeded to inform me that this sweet baby we met along the road was on the verge of death when she arrived at the hospital. The baby had been poisoned and needed to have fluids and medication to counteract whatever it was she had been given or gotten into. The doctor said had the mom not taken her to the hospital when she did, this sweet baby would have died.

What started out as a normal day turned into the three of us being the hands and feet of God. What started out as a normal day turned into a day that changed the lives of five people. Because of an interruption in our plan, because God knew what and where we needed to be, we saved a life.

You see, we had planned to go the next day, however, God knew we needed to be there a day earlier. We could have gone in a different direction, however, God knew the path we needed to take. When we first set out we were going to go to the second house first, however, God knew we needed to visit the other one first. We could have kept walking, however, God told the three of us to stop.

When we ask for, allow, and even expect God to interrupt our daily lives we never know how he will use us. The day we did the chicken day at the CarePoint, I saw the mom walk through the gates with a totally different looking little girl with her. The baby that had cracked, bleeding sore all over her face was now healed. The baby that could not keep her eyes open had these bright eyes that sparkle when she smiles. The baby that could barely hold her head up was walking around and eagerly eating the chicken and rice she was served. She is doing well and her mom makes sure to bring her and her older sister to the CarePoint to say hi and get a meal from time to time. 

Kim Tucker

After going on several short-term missions trip Kim felt the Lord call her to work with Children’s Cup. Combining her passion for children and her servant heart, Kim equips young, local leaders in our Southern Africa Office. 

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