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When God Moves on Your Heart

When God Moves on Your Heart

   Ashley Carter
   9 September 2019


If you’ve ever experienced a mission trip, you see lives changed, empowerment given, and love shared in a short amount of time. Usually, it’s easy to forget how much your own life can be impacted during that short trip. Emily tells us the blessing of meeting Evelin, who later became her sponsored child. 

Emily’s Story 

I met Evelin through a mission trip our church took in May of 2019. I was not expecting much of anything like sponsoring a child, but one thing I did know was that I was going to impact the lives of young boys and girls, feed them food, give them love, and help better the facility in Teupasenti, Honduras.

The first day I met two best friends who came to the CarePoint with great big smiles, holding hands, and eager to play. Using the broken Spanish I could remember from taking a class the previous year, I showed them how to jump rope. Evelin picked it up quickly and started jumping like a pro. I was cheering her on and saying the most encouraging words in Spanish I could remember to help her understand how excited I was she was doing so amazing. 

The smile and giggle that came from this little girl made my day. When we were done jumping, she told me more about her life like her name, age, favorite color, and how many siblings she had. 

The connection I felt was so impactful. I've never felt anything like it before with a stranger. She was soft in her words and spoke slowly to make sure I understood and helped me fill in the holes in my sentences. To find out she was only eight years old and help me with my language barrier was amazing and something so special. 

Throughout the remaining days on my trip, I looked forward to seeing her and giving her a big hug. We even would say I love you to each other as we parted ways each day. 

The third day into our trip, I knew I needed to continue to be a part of her life and support her in anything she wanted to do. I decided to become her sponsor. I wanted to do as much as I could for her and her family to be supported in a healthy and prosperous life.

I can say not once have I regretted my decision. There are many days I miss her and wish I could walk to the CarePoint to receive her hug and openness. I can't wait until I get the opportunity to go back and see my amazing girl!

Ashley Carter resides in the great state of Texas with her husband Micah and their six children. She has been with our Sponsorship team since 2018 and works as a Donor Relations Representative. She has a huge heart for children and loves getting to see the way they grow in Christ!

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