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What's New

What Does the Bible Say About Orphans?
God’s heart for orphans is clearly displayed throughout his Word. What are some of the ways God shows his love for these precious children? Leave us a comment below and let us know your...
CarePoint Highlight: Mbekelweni
The CarePoint is a beacon of hope in Mbekelweni. This community is also home to our “I Am Not Forgotten” home—a place that provides 24-hour care for children who have either...
The Power of Economic Empowerment
You don't believe in temporary solutions, and neither do we. That's why we provide a vehicle for small business owners and beyond to empower the future leaders of the communities in which you...
A Note from Jack and Carol Benjamin
Maybe you’ve seen one of those buildings that’s built to fit on an acute-angle shaped lot. One of the most popular buildings of this type is the Flatiron Building. Carol and I...
CarePoint Highlight: Pontezuela
Despite the fact that Santiago is a well-developed province, it has very impoverished sectors, and Pontezuela is one of them. The CarePoint is a place for the children here to be loved and...
Sibongumusa's Story
Sibongumusa is described as warm and down to earth. He has a reverential respect for his elders and an innocence that is endearing. The Makholweni CarePoint has afforded him with priceless...