“We don’t have a cure for AIDS or a financial solution to eliminate all poverty, but what we do have is a cure for hopelessness. His name is Jesus.”Ben Rodgers (President, 2010-Present)
“All I want is to be like Jesus.”Jean Ohlerking-Flower (Vice President, 1992-Present)
“My dad, Dave Ohlerking, told me this once: ‘There’s something sacred about saving a life.’ What Children’s Cup does goes even further than that – it gives Hope to those lives it helps save. That’s why I believe part of the joy of Heaven will be meeting those children and families who found Hope through what we did together to reach them.”Dan Ohlerking (Secretary/Treasurer, 2010-Present)
“Dave Ohlerking was one of the great influences in my life that has fueled my passion for outreach and serving the poor and hurting. Children’s Cup was born out of that heart, with a dream to give Hope in seemingly hopeless places. It’s an honor to be part of carrying that dream forward.”Dino Rizzo (Voting Member, 2011-Present)
“Children’s Cup is on the front lines of helping children receive hope through their CarePoints. They intentionally provide clean water, medical assistance, education, and the love of Christ to every child. We have been blessed to partner with them for many years and have seen tremendous impact with children in Africa and beyond. Their passion and relationships are contagious and I highly recommend that you partner with them to make a global impact.”Matt Fry (Voting Member, 2011-Present)
“I love the compassion Children’s Cup demonstrates. I’ve seen first hand, their dedication to the children, the care centers, the local church and and the effort to build leaders in the countries they are working in. They continue to grow and expand in ways that inspire me.”Philip Wagner (Voting Member, 2014-Present)

Other Board Members:

Joe Martin (Voting Member, 2013-Present)
Rusty Nelson (Voting Member, 2014-Present)