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Engage Your Church

Here are several ways your church can engage in making an impact with your missions efforts through partnership with Children’s Cup:
Support Children’s Cup Overall

When a church includes Children’s Cup in its missions support, the influence and impact of that church is multiplied over and over. They have a part in everything Children’s Cup does. Every win, every life changed, every church planted, every child made healthy, every community strengthened, every decision to follow Jesus, every baptism, every bit of Hope given - it’s all something that happens because someone gave to help Children’s Cup carry out our vision. And we love to celebrate with you what you’re doing through your partnership.

Partner with a Specific Community

We have found in most cases that there is a great benefit to everyone when a supporting church partners with a specific community. When the church focuses its giving, visiting, prayers, projects, and sponsorship all on one community, the impact is multiplied for the community, and the relationship has a deeper value to the people of the supporting church as well. They get a front-row seat to the changes happening to the children as they grow up. They get to see a local church be born (or reborn) in the community and help it grow as a life-giving influence on the community. And the shared excitement about it all will build a great momentum in your church for serving others at home and abroad.

Send Short-Term Missions Teams

When someone goes on a short-term missions trip, it is not uncommon for their story to be, “This trip changed my life,” or, “I think meeting those children changed my life even more than it changed theirs.” There is truly a deep impact on a person’s life when they go on a short-term missions trip, but this is particularly true when that person gets to meet the child they sponsor. We place a tremendously high value on making those opportunities happen. It is a highlight in the life of the child, and it is a moment that can turn a casual follower of Christ into someone who truly believes God wants to use their life to impact others - not just overseas but at home as well. Once they experience the joy of seeing God use them to help a child, they are vastly more likely to believe God can use them to help others when they serve as part of their church at home.

Join a Pastors’ Missions Trip

This is often how the whole relationship between Children’s Cup and a church gets started. The pastor visits one of Children’s Cup’s locations along with a handful of other pastors, and God gives that pastor a vision for their church and how they can impact one of the communities. These trips are also a great time of connection between the various pastors on the trip together, often forging life-long relationships between them that inject life into each other far beyond just the realm of their partnerships with Children’s Cup. We also often host pastor meetups with local partner pastors in the country, leveraging the experience and wisdom from the team of pastors on the trip to bless the local pastors with life-giving encouragement.

"Our partnership with Children's Cup changed the culture of our church."

IV Marsh, Lead Pastor at Epic Church -