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Mission Trips

A missions trip will not only give you a chance to see what your support of Children’s Cup is accomplishing, but it will change your life forever. Guaranteed. Our founder Dave Ohlerking used to tell people, “Once you go to Africa, you’ll go back in your mind every day.” He said that because it’s true. It gets in you. There’s something special about holding an orphan, and knowing that you’re actually doing the things that are needed to not just keep him alive, but to give him hope of a bright future.

We strongly encourage you to consider going on a trip with us. If you’re a sponsor of a child in one of the countries where your team is going, we’ll do all we can during your missions trip to make sure you get to meet your sponsored child while you’re there. And trust us… that’s a powerful experience you’ll never want to forget. Keep checking back as we continue to update the available trips!
Cost: $2,000 US Dollars (Includes flight and ground costs -  does NOT include passport costs, luggage fees, physician and immunization costs, or souvenirs)

Much of our work is done through our network of CarePoints. A CarePoint is what its name implies: a point of care. When a missions team shows up at a CarePoint, the children there know that it means they’re not forgotten – they’re loved – they’re special. And the things you do while you’re there, whether building something or teaching kids or training leaders or painting walls – whatever your mission, it is always all about giving the hope of Jesus Christ to children who know all too well what it means to have no hope.
eSWATINI - OCTOBER 20-29, 2019

Cost: $3,600 US Dollars (Includes flight and ground costs)

Join us in October as we love, encourage, and spend time pouring into the precious people in eSwatini, Africa. Many of the kids’ names mean “unwanted” and “mistake”, but we want to tell them that they are loved, wanted, and give them hope! In addition to spending time at the CarePoints, you will get to meet your sponsored child; participate in our feeding program; visit a family in their home and hear their story; tour the community; visit the I Am Not Forgotten Home; encourage and love the ladies who volunteer at our CarePoints; and go on an African safari!

This will be one of the best trips of your life! These sweet faces will forever be in your mind and heart!

If you’re interested in a customized missions team trip for your church or group, we’d love to know! Every year, several churches and groups come to Africa and Latin America to serve at our Children’s Cup CarePoints. Let us know you’re what you’re wanting to do. We’ll get back to you promptly to begin the journey with you!

Send Letters

Sending letters to your friends and family informing them of the awesome journey you are embarking on is the first step to fundraising. Open up about your heart to them so they can partner with you if the Lord leads them.

Download Sample Letter  |  Download Response Form

Garage Sale

Ask friends and family members to donate items for a garage sale and advertise saying that ALL proceeds go towards your mission trip!

Bake Sale

This is a popular, low-cost option 
especially around the holidays.   You could make a flier and have them place orders with you.  Pies and other baked goods are a “sweet” way to raise money for mission trips!

Sports Shot

Whether you are gifted in soccer, basketball, gymnastics, track, etc., ask people to sponsor you per shot, flip flop, mile, etc.  Example: If you are great at basketball, tell people you will be shooting hoops on a specific day and ask them to sponsor you per shot or a flat donation.  It’s a fun and easy way to use your talents to raise a lot of money!

Basket / Balloon-O-Gram

Put baskets or grams together and have people order them for the special people in their lives for all occasions (Ex. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Easter Baskets, Valentines). When delivering the gram sing a message! Taking donations for each gram could bring a considerable profit, although you may wish to set a minimum donation so that you are sure to profit.

Baby Sitting

Offer to babysit for a family or team up with others going on your trip and organize a night for several families to drop off their kids.  Make it fun so the kids beg their parents to call you all back! This could be a monthly event!

Business Partner

Partner with a business who has a heart for missions!  If they sell cupcakes, own a restaurant, repair cars, etc. Ask them to donate 10%-20% of sales from anyone who mentions your trip name. This would require you to push people to this business.

Pet Care

Whether it’s feeding, walking or over night sitting, animal lovers want to make sure their furry family members are taken well care of.

Car Wash

Organize a car wash with your team!

Please fill out the following forms by the due date given when you applied for the trip.

Physician's Release Form
For additional information, please contact us by emailing or calling 1.888.624.2895.