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Christmas at the CarePoints

Christmas at the CarePoints

We want to invite you to be part of giving hope through “Christmas in a Box!” If you’re a sponsor, you can give an extra $35 to cover the cost of the box for your child and their family.  If you, your business, or your church would like to donate boxes for additional non-sponsored kids or even an entire CarePoint ($1800), you can give now by clicking the link on the right.

You can be sure of this: the day one of these homes gets their visit from the team that brings them Christmas in a box will be a day they never forget. There will be so much joy and encouragement for them because not only will the get the gifts, but they’ll be understand clearly that there’s someone who loves them and cares about them. They’ll experience an infusion of hope because of your gift. When you see the smiles on their faces in the pictures and videos, you’ll know that despite the COVID-19 challenges, you helped make this the best Christmas ever for these kids and their homes.

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