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Nkosikhona Matse

DOB: 10/03/2008

Nkosikhona Matse

This little guy is Nkosikhona. He lives with his brother and both unemployed parents. His household chore is gathering firewood. Nkosikhona is already showing signs of leadership skills, but his pals still like to play cars with him. The staple meal of eSwatini, pap and beans, is Nkosikhona's favorite. When he grows up, it's his dream to become a doctor. Nkosikhona needs a sponsor to help see to it he becomes the man God wants him to be. Will you be the one?

Nkosikhona's Community: Malindza

Malindza is about 15 miles from any major town in eSwatini. The CarePoint is near the main roadway, but the homesteads are great distances from each other. The land is dry with thick thorny brush, and water is hard to find. Life is simple, and families have to live mainly off what they can grow or raise. Corn, which is made into a mealie for porridge they call "pap,” is the main staple food. The HIV rate here is high, and many grandparents are left raising their grandchildren. Malindza is truly a community hungry to see the love of God nurtured in their souls.

Giving hope is simple, yet effective.

We provide the necessities and skills needed to thrive,  but most of all we provide children the opportunity to learn about Christ.

About Sponsorship
$39 Is all it takes to make a huge impact in these kids life,
your money is going directly to
the community to help provide and empower.