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Sandiso Mlambo

South Africa
DOB: 11/01/2004

Sandiso Mlambo

With a big dream to become a police officer one day, this is Sandiso! He is working hard to improve his grades in school and most enjoys learning math. Sandiso lives with his father, mother and six siblings where he is tasked with fetching the water needed each day for cooking, cleaning and bathing. Once chores and school work are done, he races out to meet his friends for an energetic game of soccer. Chicken for dinner makes him very happy but unfortunately it is a rare treat due to the high price of meat. Despite his simple diet, Sandiso is in good health. With a sponsor his physical and spiritual health will improve to help him make wise decisions for his future?Would you choose Sandiso?

Sandiso's Community: Mganduzweni

In Mganduzweni, few people have employment, and those who do work in nearby towns as maids or gardeners. Unemployment soars to 70% here, and many of the community men have left to look for work elsewhere. HIV continues to deeply impact this community, as does prostitution due to its close proximity to local trucking routes. With a scattering of homesteads across the hillsides, this project sits at the end of the community about a mile in from the main road. Most people here have electricity. However, water is of major concern. They are reliant on the municipality truck to come once a month and fill any container left by the roadside. This truck often breaks down, and water is not reliable.

Giving hope is simple, yet effective.

We provide the necessities and skills needed to thrive,  but most of all we provide children the opportunity to learn about Christ.

About Sponsorship
$39 Is all it takes to make a huge impact in these kids life,
your money is going directly to
the community to help provide and empower.