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Yericson Diaz

Los Pinos
DOB: 05/21/2004

Yericson Diaz

Yericson is one of seven children being raised by their mother, since his father abandoned his family. He is a friendly young man who helps his mother by caring for his younger siblings. Yericson is in good health, which allows him to take the three mile round-trip walk to school each day. He works hard in school, does well in his class and enjoys his math class the most. Yericson has a dream of becoming a business owner when he is older. In his free time, he loves to play soccer with his friends. By sponsoring Yericson, you can help him pursue the call that God has on his life by providing love, prayer support and access to resources. Will you be Yericson's sponsor?

Yericson's Community: Los Pinos

Los Pinos (The Pines) is a squatter's town on the outskirts of the capital city of Tegucigalpa. It was created by the unfulfilled dreams of thousands who migrated to the city hoping for a better way of life, only to find that the city could be just as unforgiving and desolate as the rural wilderness they had hoped to escape. Unemployment, lack of basic services, malnutrition, and overpopulation combine to foster a difficult environment in which to raise children. Domestic and gang violence along with substance and sexual abuse are destroying the fragile family unit and fueling the dangerous immigration march to the north.

Giving hope is simple, yet effective.

We provide the necessities and skills needed to thrive,  but most of all we provide children the opportunity to learn about Christ.

About Sponsorship
$39 Is all it takes to make a huge impact in these kids life,
your money is going directly to
the community to help provide and empower.