Take some time to send a special message of love and encouragement.

Your words tell them that they are special and have value. They bring hope. The influence a sponsor has on these children is tremendous. The financial support creates stability and the opportunity for hope. And for the child, just knowing that there’s a family that is praying and care for him or her makes all the difference in the world.

In addition to writing letters back and forth, you may also send your sponsored child gifts. All mailings are processed through our US office. Due to shipping costs, we ask that sponsors send flat gifts in envelopes no larger than a No. 10 Business Letter Envelope (9 1/2 X 4 1/8). Gift ideas for this size may include stickers, bookmarks, postcards, and/or coloring sheets.



• Keep it encouraging.
• Keep it simple.
• Include a photo of you and your family, if you like.
• For security reasons, please don’t include your personal address.
• It’s always a good idea to share a favorite scripture.
• Let them know you believe in them.
• Let them know you are praying for them.
• You can even include a prayer in your letter.

First Name(s) Only

Please note, your sponsored child doesn’t have their own email address. Emailing your child simply expedites the communication process. All emails and letters alike are received and proofed through our U.S. office. Upon receiving your email, we print your email, and then physically mail the letter to your child. The response will not be an email reply, but rather a hand written letter from your child.